About Us

Our desire to provide chic clothing in all sizes, coupled with our 50 years of experience in the fashion industry, is what drove us to create the label Fine Stitch Boutique. We started with Fine Stitch Boutique, popularly known as FSBCHICK, a little more than a year ago with a vision to broaden the horizon of the available fashion-forward options for ‘curvy’ women. Our primary goal is to help you put your most fashionable foot forward.

Each one of our designs is crafted with the utmost attention to detail, precision and love. Made of the finest linen, cotton, rayon, and velvet, our collections are sure to give you the experience of luxury. Our métier has been embroidered pieces by the finest craftsmen in the nation and that is what our collections showcase- their expertise and an eye for detail.

Hundreds of small vendors and craftsmen across the country help us manufacture our collections. We are a female-run venture and take pride in the fact that more than half of our employees are females. Fine Stitch Boutique was started by our founder a little over a year ago, after she was appalled at the lack of clothing options for plus size women such as herself.

She knew she needed to fix this problem herself. So armed with her exceptional sense of style and knowledge of the business world, she took the plunge. Here we are, striving hard to ensure that the finest pieces make their way to your wardrobe and empowering others to stake a stand for what they believe in. At Fine Stitch Boutique, we believe in inclusivity and achieving excellence.